Ted Seymour

Ted Seymour is a travel photographer who embraces the camera as a tool for training the eye to see beauty in the world. To Ted, photography is more than just a creative and technical endeavor, it is a spiritual doorway to present moment awareness and meaningful connection.

Ted is a veteran photographer of the streets and alleys of Kathmandu. Having travelled there six times over the past five years, he finds wandering the streets and photographing the vibrancy of life in and around the Kathmandu Valley endlessly inspiring.

Ted's photography roots run deep. Some of his fondest early memories are from the studio and darkroom of his grandfather Maurice Seymour, a widely celebrated theatrical photographer. His father Serge Seymour and uncle Ron Seymour are both accomplished photographic artists as well.

Ted loves teaching the art of photography and his images have been published in various journals and publications. He loves weaving writing and photography together through his Explorations of Truth website.